Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Blog Catch Up!

Hello everyone!

MANY things have happened since I last made an entry into the world of the Shatzer Studios blog.  I'll sum up the last couple of months as quickly as possible.

Baby Brandon - stole the show and my heart!  Look at this little guy. I cannot wait to work with him again.  Just adore him.

A family photoshoot in the snow with the Mumau family.  LOVE this fam!!

A wedding MANY years in the making!  LOVE Sandy and Chris!!!

An engagement session with Tiggy and Jonathan in the BLOWING and FREEZING cold was a hilarious good time.  You know that a session is going to be hilarious when the bride to be tells her hubby to be, "Stop shivering, you'll see it in the shot!"  HA HA!  LOVE IT!

Christmas was a blast.  Sophia was very involved this year and could not have been happier to see that "Santa" brought her a trampoline and a HUGE dolly house. :)  Many other gifts were given and received, but seeing my little one's smile as she jumped on her new bouncing toy made the stresses of the holiday preparations all worth it. :)  (Images to come.)

We visited the children's museum for their "New Years Eve" Party, which was during the day.  Complete with a countdown and a balloon drop, this event was a winner and will surely be added to the annual Shatzer Events Calendar.  :)  (Images to come.)

Shatzer Studios and Salon Luxe have started a new annual tradition called, "Give Back to Erie."  We received 87 entries into a contest for a Mini Mommy Makeover and Photo Session, asking entrants to tell us who should win and why..  Melanie Bennett's husband, Mike, entered one of the most TOUCHING and loving entries I have EVER read for a contest, and was hands down our winner.  We are currently in the process of scheduling the sessions!  He even videotaped her reaction!  TOO CUTE!  (Images to come.)

That's about all for now.

2013 - bring it.  I'm ready.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

HOLY BEHIND in Blogging!!

Sooooooooo, I have been officially way behind in the land of blogging!  WHEW!  SO!  Let's play catch up!!

Sophia started dance classes. :)  FUN!

And had a horseback riding lesson!


 Kauffman Family Photos on Presque Isle.

Daubenspeck family!

Homecoming portraits!

Hawkins Family!

Graphic Design for Salon Luxe!

Sophia's end of Summer shoot!

Of course, there have been MANY more thing going on! I'm sure you'd rather see images than read my banter!

Happy fall~!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday checklist for an Early Morning Mommy/Photog/Business Owner/Crafter/Party Planner

Friday!  Yippie!  Here is my check list for the day:

  1. Finish the wedding edits of the lovely gals.  CHECK!  (BEFORE 7 am, even!!!)  
  2. Down enough cups of coffee to make Juan Valdez forever proud. CHECK!  (Ditto to the before 7 am commentary above.)
  3. Finish Scrabble tile pendants for friends who ordered this week.  CHECK! (Yuuuuuuup!  Before 7 am!!)
  4. Catch up on Super Nanny while editing, coffee drinking, brain storming and camera charging. -CHECK TIMES 5!
  5. Update blog - haaaaaay!  YUUUUUUUUUUUUP.  Before 7 am.
  6. Make do to list here on blog, and check things off.  (makes me feel accomplished.)  CHECK!  (Ok, so it's 7:21.  Sue me.)
  7. Finalize all party details for Sophia's Princess Petting Zoo on Sunday.  (Don't hate.  You know you're jealous!)
  8. Wait for my sissy/business partner/best buddy to get into town.  (YIPPIE!)
  9. Finish porch floor staining and sealing.  (Dearest Hubby, this one is all you.  lol.)
  10. Paint back porch railings before party on Sunday.  (EEEEEK!  Cue the caffeine!)
  11. Clean carpets.
  12. Engagement session on the beach this afternoon (YIPPIE!  I LOVE working with RA and A!!!!)  xoxoxox
  13. Editing of above session into the week hours.
  14. Get some color on these white buns!
  15. Finish spray painting the wicker furniture
  16. Mulch yard.
  17. CHILL.  Yea right!!!!!!
Happy Friday, everyone!  Make it a wonderful day.



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss Lola is TWO!

Recently I had the fantastic opportunity to work again with the beautiful Miss Lola, as she and her Mommy and Daddy celebrated her second birthday.

It truly is a blessing to have the opportunity to see friend's children grow from babies to toddlers, and an honor to be asked to capture their memories.  

A couple of my favorites from this session are below.

Lovely little Miss Lola, thank you for our sessions.  I look forward to seeing you grow. :)



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Kaylynn and the Miss Pennsylvania Pageant!

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to work with the lovely Miss Kaylynn, who is entering the Miss Pennsylvania Pageant!  I was ecstatic when her mom, my friend Allison, called upon ME to take her portraits for the contest!  What an honor!!

Here are some of my favorites:

A natural beauty!

Much luck to Miss Kaylynn!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shatzer Family Shenanigans

Ok, so, in the past week, there have been some BIG things happening in the House of Shatzer.  It's been somewhat quiet on the business front because of one major occurrence for our fam.  I'll explain.

Last Sunday, we noticed that Willow, our four year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was walking strangely.  

Within 24 hours of this, he was under anesthesia and having emergency spinal surgery.  

It turned out that this little fur baby of ours had ruptured TWO disks in his back, and they were hemorrhaging.  He has been given a 50% chance of recovery - which basically means that there is a 50% chance of Willow needing a doggie wheelchair.  

Willow is currently recovering well, and we are very hopeful.  

Thank you to everyone for prayers!

I will continue to update ya.



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dennis and Sarah + Engagement Session = PHOTOGRAPHER'S DREAM!!

Oh.  My.  Good.  Ness.  

Today's engagement session with Sarah and Dennis was an absolute dream!  Pulling into the private driveway on quiet countryside road, I KNEW I was to be in photographers heaven.  The lake being the natural backdrop, LOVELY grounds with blooming flowers, and two people loving, kissing and playing the whole time, even through the rain!  (TROOPERS!)

My favorites, so far:

Lemmie tell you all something that I have NEVER said before.  I LOVE MY JOB!  ;)

I am so looking forward to their January wedding!  LOVE these two!!!

Interested in engagement/wedding photography?  Contact me!